Welcome to Noticed.

Show people how much you Care

Your Personal log for keeping track of the important issues of your contacts.

Personal Notes on all your Contacts

Noticed Notes are divided into several category's to make adding them easy. Just click on birthday for example and you just have to fill in the date and you're all set. You can even add business cards and avoid filling up your wallet.

Bundles all your information in one place

Noticed automatically loads in the information from the social feeds that are important. Upon connection you can simply addyour contact's job, relationship status or simple the thing he or she enjoys. Integration of twitter, whatsapp, SMS, Linkedin, Facebook and Gmail makes sure you have an easy overview of the latest updates by your contact and your interactions with him or her. With a quick tap you can get yourself up to speed before meeting someone or approaching them in a crowded room.

Set Alerts to Remind yourself to be Thoughtful

On every Note you can simple set an alert which will remind you that you need to take action to build a more meaningfull personal connection to one of your contacts.

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